The Endless Bummer Tour Featuring Neil Hilborn & Special Guests
Presented By First Fleet Concerts

Neil Hilborn

Willow Hawks (Of The Sonder Bombs)

Vaudeville MewsDes MoinesIA
All Ages
DOORS: 6:00 PM // SHOW: 7:00 PM

A Neil Hilborn poetry show lives somewhere between stand-up comedy and rock and roll. Imagine a guitarist in leather pants crying on a sandwich. You’ll get poems, for sure you’ll get poems, but you’ll also get to laugh at your pain and, if we’re all lucky, feel like you aren’t alone.

Neil Hilborn is a bestselling author and, with over 150 million views to his credit, he is the most-watched poet ever. He has been to almost every state in the US, and he prefers a firm mattress with the AC on high. One time he parallel parked so poorly that a passing paramedic insisted on examining him. He lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Anny, and two rabbits, Beatrice and Penelope.

Venue Information:
Vaudeville Mews
212 4th St
Des Moines, IA, 50309