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The Struts
The Glorious Sons
Water Works Park AmphitheaterDes MoinesIA
All Ages
DOORS: 5:30 PM // SHOW: 6:30 PM


In just a few years, The Struts have found themselves massivelyembraced by some of the greatesticons in rock-and-roll history. Along with opening for The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Guns N’ Roses, the U.K.-bred four-piecewas hand-picked by Mötley Crüe to serve as the supporting act for their last-ever performances, while Dave Grohl praised them as the best band to ever open for Foo Fighters. After makingtheir full-length debut with2016’s Everybody Wants, The Struts now return with YOUNG&DANGEROUS —a sophomore album that cements their status as one of the most unstoppablypassionateand endlessly thrillingbands making rock music today.On YOUNG&DANGEROUS, The Struts let loose withthe sing-along-readyand riff-heavysound they’ve brought to stadiums and arenas all around the world. Working with producers like Butch Walker (Weezer, Panic! At the Disco)andSam Hollander (Fitz and the Tantrums, Neon Trees), the band adorns that sound with deeper grooves and more inventivetextures, dreaming up a majesticglam-rock revampthat’s unabashedlyfun but full of pure heart.The lead single from YOUNG&DANGEROUS, “Body Talks” brings that dynamic to a blues-spiked track capturing what Spiller calls “that moment when you mosey on over to someone on the dancefloor,and the music’s blaring so loud you can’t even talk to each other.” In creating an alternate version of “Body Talks,” The Struts amped upthe song’s seductive power by enlisting Kesha to lend her soulful growltoa fiery duet with Spiller.The Struts also infuse some social commentary into YOUNG&DANGEROUS sending upselfie culture on the falsetto-laced epic “In Love With ACamera,” taking on trolls with the swampy and smoldering “Bulletproof Baby,” andponderingidentitywiththesweetly melodic “Who Am I.”Andfor the soaring and glorious “Primadonna Like Me,” The Struts brilliantly turn the lens on themselves. “It was written aboutmy stage character, my alter ego,’” notesSpiller. “It’s this completely deluded guy running around his small town, all dressed to the nines—a full-on 21stcentury dandy going around saying, ‘Don’t you know who I think I am?’”Formed in Derby, England, in 2012,The Struts almost instantlydrewa major following withtheir outrageouslive show,and later made their debut with Have You Heard(a 2015 EP whose lead single “Could Have Been Me” hit #1 on Spotify’s viral chart).Before they’d even put outtheirfirst album, the band opened for The Rolling Stones before a crowd of 80,000 in Parisand toured the U.S. on a string of sold-out shows.Known for his lovablyswaggering stage presence—the very factorthat gave The Struts their name—Spiller sooninspired legendary designers like former Queen costumerZandra Rhodesto custom-create his lavish and glittering onstage attire.As the frontman points out, thatheightened element ofspectacle is all a part of the band’s mission of making an unforgettable impacton the crowd. “We believe in givingour absolute all every night, because that’s what our fans deserve,” he says. “The goalisalwaysto get everyone dancing and screaming and shouting, and to make sure they leave dripping in sweat with huge smiles on their faces.”With the release of YOUNG&DANGEROUS, The Struts have undoubtedly metanother of their main ambitions as a band. “One of the things we most want to do with our music is inspire young people to pick up a guitar again,” says Spiller. “We live in a time that’s very muchdominated by hip-hop and dance music, and that’s a great thing, but we want to give the world a bigreminder that there’s somethingelse going on out there. This album isour way of saying, ‘If you feel a little out of place, there’s always an electric guitar—andjustlook at what you can do with it.’”

Venue Information:
Water Works Park Amphitheater
2201 George Flagg Pkwy
Des Moines, IA, 50321