First Fleet Concerts FAQ

I have a venue specific question, how do I find my answer?

Check out all venues under the 'VENUE' tab for our most frequent questions. For any additional venue, head to the Other Venues page where you will be directed to the appropriate venue website.

Not seeing your question? Contact us!

What is AXS Mobile ID and how do I use it?

AXS Mobile ID digital tickets are tickets you use with your phone - similar to e-tickets or mobile tickets from an airline or movie theater.

Select AXS Mobile ID as your delivery method when buying tickets, and then follow these steps to use them:

  1. Get the AXS App on your mobile device.
  2. Sign in to see your tickets.
  3. Show the tickets at the door to get them scanned upon entry.
    • Going in a group? Enter together or transfer your tickets before the show.*
    • Don't have access to wi-fi? Don't worry. Your tickets will display in your AXS app on event day if you are connected to wi-fi or not.
    • Tickets on AXS Mobile ID are digital only and cannot be printed.

Have a question about AXS tickets? Visit the AXS Help Center.

Can I sell or transfer my tickets to someone else?

If you purchased your tickets online, you can easily transfer them to a friend or buyer using the AXS mobile app or account. Login to your AXS account, select your order & select tickets, sent to the recipient.

Learn more at Ticket Transfers

What is your refund policy?

All ticket sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. For more information please visit the AXS purchase agreement.

I have tickets to a show that was postponed. Can I still use my tickets for the rescheduled show date?

Yes! All tickets for postponed shows will be valid for their rescheduled date.

Can you confirm a ticket purchased from a third party ticketing site or third party listing?

We cannot validate any tickets that are not bought directly from our official ticketing page or through the listings on our websites.

Use caution prior to purchasing anywhere other than AXS or what is directly linked on the listings.

How can I get my band to play at your venues?

For booking requests please reach out to the following contacts:

First Fleet Concerts & Capitol Theatre:


Val Air Ballroom: